What IS Conversational Hypnosis

What Is Conversational Hypnosis

So what is Conversational Hypnosis ? Fashioned from the likes of Dr. Milton Erickson, Conversational Hypnosis is a style of Hypnotherapy used for interventions, therapy, motivational speaking, and coaching.

As the name suggests the user or practitioner utilises language ( no scripts ) to directly influence the unconscious/subconscious mind.

This attempt offers a more casual and natural style which its benefits are numerous.

The breakdown of Conversational Hypnosis

The main goal of a Hypnotherapist, Hypnotist or Coach is to do 4 things particular when using Conversational Hypnosis.

Theses are :

  1. Absorb attention ( this is the fuel for hypnosis )
  2. Bypass critical thinking ( conscious mind )
  3. Stimulate the unconscious mind ( speak directly and influence )
  4. Utilise the unconscious process natural to the mind ( How the unconscious mind thinks and integrates with information )

These 4 steps along the way are navigated successfully through language, shock, and surprise, stories ( hypnotic ), emotions or sensation ( and much more )

This integration and direct influence ( following these steps ) create a hypnotic trance or Hypnosis.

This is a state in which the unconscious mind is more presently active without interference of the conscious mind

Benefits of Conversational Hypnosis :

Without the use of scripts, the user has a more professional and less structured ( flexibility ) ability to conduct either a formal or casual interaction.

When mastered the practitioner will find the ability to naturally persuade the unconscious mind without the structured tools and mechanics of a more classical approach.

This, in fact, increases the level of success, due to the limited alertness of the conscious mind ( of the client. The conscious mind will stop hypnosis from reoccurring ) thus creating a more beneficial context for hypnosis and therapy to occur.