“Went home and tore up my scripts”

I’ve studied NLP and hypnosis before and was restricted to scripts. After I completed one of Scott’s training, I went home and tore up the scripts and have never looked back. My ability to use my new skills as a business coach has doubled my income and for the first time ever i have a waiting list for clients. Thank you Scott !

“Insane The Amount Of Money Im Making”

My career has just catapulted so fast and I am loving every minute of what I do .. I haven’t advertised anywhere except Facebook and I am booked out nearly every day .. And every client is a referral from the previous clients I have done. Financially it’s insane the amount of money I am making in a week is hard to accept as I have never earned this kind of money in my life ever.

“I was taught from Day 1 how to put someone in trance without a script”

Scott’s teachings and courses have made it easy for me to master hypnosis. I was taught from day one on how to put clients into a trance with not a script in sight! The training has seemed too easy at times but it has helped me achieve phenomenal success with some of the clients I’ve been privileged to help with this type of therapy

“Sessions Are Awesome And Empowering”

Amazing, wonderful, spectacular 3 days learning how to be a Hypnotherapist. I can highly recommend Scott Jansen and Conversational Hypnosis academy. The experience taught my what power we all have (unrecognised) within us to excel to be the best we can be and help other to be the best they can be. The way Scott Jansen delivers the sessions is awesome, empowering and scary however well worth the effort you put in.

“Trained With Richard Bandler”

Before I tell you about Scott and the Conversational Hypnosis Academy, I feel you should know a little about my background.I studied Neuro Linguistic Programming in the UK under Richard Bandler, the Co Creator of NLP. It was whilst studying for this that I discovered Hypnosis as Richard was able to do things like cure peoples fear and phobias by talking randomly to them. I quickly discovered what Richard was doing was hypnosis and I thought to myself I’d love to do this.I trained formerly in the UK but it was script based hypnosis which wasn’t really what Richard was doing.When I moved to Australia I was still looking for the style of Hypnosis that Richard had shown me previously and he has learnt from Milton H Erickson. I saw an advert for a course on Conversational Hypnotherapy so I thought I should go along to see what it is all about but to be honest my expectations were not really that high.How wrong can one person be ! Scott is very eloquent in the way that he speaks and very precise in the way he teaches. I was totally blown away from the word go. Even though I now know what Scott is doing my unconscious still goes into trance every time. I feel privileged to be a part of the Conversational Hypnosis Academy and equally privileged to know Scott. For me Conversational Hypnosis is where Hypnosis should be. None of the best hypnotists in the world rely on scripts as they understand how these can hinder the therapeutic needs of the client. Scott goes beyond what I expected from a teacher and I also look forward with eager anticipation to his courses.

“Still In Trance”

The pleasure was all ours…you were amazing…..never a dull moment…hands on fabulous training ….Im still in trance but hey its a better world in here!!!

“Had NO Experience”

Had no experience at all. I attended this course and with in the first hour I had placed someone into a trance. If you are looking for a challenge that is exciting, energising, and so useful then this is the course for you. This course will change the way you think, the way you work and the way you view life. It is worth more than what you pay for it. I just can’t say enough good things about it. Do it, enjoy the experience or not… It’s up to you.

“Everything I NEED ” !

I have had a phenomenal experience learning with the Conversational Hypnosis Academy. They have not only given me everything I need to go out and be a Hypnotherapist but they have given me the confidence to do it without scripts using only the power of conversation. So I can take it anywhere and treat any client.

Scott is very knowledgeable and an excellent facilitator. If you want to put somebody into a trance within the first 30 minutes of the training, this is the place to be.

“Restored My Faith In Hypnosis Trainers”

Hi Scott, great 3 days training with you.And thanks for restoring my faith that there are good trainers out there with strong ethics and values in the field!

Amazing new skill set “

It was an incredible few days, Scott. Your delivery is excellent and engaging – presented in such a way that is easily absorbed and with lots of practice and discussion amongst participants. I’ve gained an amazing new skill set and it was a lot of fun as well!

“I went from a NON believer to a believer”

Wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the knowledge you gave me these past three days! I went from not believing I could be hypnotised to having a huge breakthrough! I always believed in hypnotism and what it stood for just didn’t believe it would work on me – how wrong was I! Thank you so much and I really look forward in doing some more courses with you in the near future! You are a wonderful gentle guy and I will most definitely miss not seeing u as I got so use to seeing you and learning these past few days!

“The AHA moments I had”

Scott Jansen Thank You for the last 3 days learning. The pops and aha moments I have had, and the new learnings that I can put into my business, will be amazing. I can’t wait to put everything into action.

The course was extremely practical step by step, making it easy to understand, and put into action.Thanks again. Highl recommended all of Scott’s courses.

“New hypnosis tools for my NLP Practice

Very excited to add new tools to my Hypnosis & NLP practice! I have now completed a different teaching style of hypnosis! Thanks Scott Jansen, thoroughly enjoyed your different approach to hypnosis, especially no scripts. Looking forward to using my new tools!

“You Are An Inspiration”

Hi Scott. Just wanted to say thank you again for the amazing training I have just completed in Adelaide with you! I’m feeling totally pumped (and extremely nervous) about this new venture, but I’m going to dive in and see what happens. I can’t find where I can post this on your page so hopefully you can do it for me
You’re training was easy to follow and not how I had imagined…I’ve learnt so much myself from this 3 days and am totally blown away with my new skills! Thank you again, you are an inspiration

“Didn’t Feel Like Study”

As a total novice I turned up for a 3 day course feeling more than a little nervous. I needn’t have worried Scott creates such a relaxed fun learning environment that it didn’t even feel like study. I learnt valuable skills on this course and would recommend it to anyone interested in starting a career in hypnotherapy or just to improve your communication skills for life.

“Now I can do it without thinking”

Thanks again Scott Jansen, you are a great instructor. You show us how to do it and than make us do it. Now i can do it without thinking. Its amazing how much stuff went in during 3 days of trance. Im so glad i didn’t learn the hard way.

“Love the idea of never using a script again”

Thanks for the great weekend . I have done a few other courses on hypnotherapy but they have all focused on scripts. I love the idea of never having to use a script again and being able to help people anytime and any where. Being able to get people into trance from just having a conversation with them and help them in such a short time.

“Iv finally found my passion ! “

Day three of conversational hypnosis training with Scott Jansen. I really enjoyed the delivery and new skills learnt in the course; so much so I have enrolled in the masters course for next year!!! Thanks Scott!

I’ve learnt so many wonderful techniques to add my skill set and have decided now is the time to start on the path at opening my own practice. I miss my business very much and have been looking for what fits with me and what types of therapies I should offer since I finished my Masters. I’ve finally found the passion I need that fits with my new business plan! I’m also going to add in Career Counselling as well. Watch this space for great things my friends.

“Mind blowing 3 days”

Thank you for an absolutely  Mind blowing three days of learning .I can see such great potential for this for every teacher in education!!

Can do such great things with this for the children that I teach — I see  new ideas to reach particularly those children who schooling has conditioned to feel less a person from daily assessments that we do to categorise and label them as ABCD or E l!!

I have spent years studying the brain with specialists in cognition and affect ( emotions) for my Phd working with but in three days you have shown and inspired a new way of thinking. Now I see it as common sense but somehow I missed it until now ??? Thank you

“A Great teacher”

I would like to thank  Scott Jansen for an incredible three days of learning. He was a great teacher showing us how to see unconscious moments and the our clients do there own healing I would recommend this Conversational Hypnosis to everyone.

“Will remember for a long time”

Wanted to say a quick thank you for the Hypnotherapy training course! It was definitely quite an experience and I have learnt a lot about myself and the way people think. Seeing hand levitate against person’s will, people falling into deep trance and solving their personal problems all in a spin of 3 days – was definitely something I will remember for a long time.

“Blown Away”

Thank you Scott Jansen for an interesting and mind blowing 3 day course, I was amazed by the skills you have taught us and was especially blown away by the hand levitation skill you showed us!! who would’ve though you could make someone move their hand up in the air without much effort at all !! I enjoyed all the prac we did in groups, a great way to learn. You are also fantastic to watch with ‘clients’ in our group and are really someone to aspire too. Best Wishes to you


“Not to much Jargon”

Finished and enjoyed this course. I learnt how to do Hypnosis in a different style than that taught at University. I enjoyed most that Scott Jansen presented in an easy to grasp way without too much Jargon.

“Phenomenal” !

“The Academy’s 3 day certification was mind blowing, the team are amazing and Scott’s approach to hypnosis was phenomenal, I can not wait to continue my training “

“Did not let me down”

“Scott’s ability to take what is suppose to work in hypnosis and create such an easy step by step is amazing. Iv been taught by other training courses and spent $1000’s and given a bunch of scripts to read and told that it works with all clients. Only to find out that my client would ask for refunds and id feel like a fool. Scott’s training was my last hope and it did not let me down. As a marketing executive i have implemented a lot of strategies and am booking therapy clients all the time, i love it ! I’m booking in every training i can”

” So profound”!

Just loved it. I can honestly say it was the best decision i ever made. I would have payed millions to learn what i did. I have studied for over 30 years to work out a congruent way to treat my clients and subjects. This is just to easy to execute and so profound. Where has this guy been hiding !

“I thank the universe I found Scott”

I thank the universe i found Scott. I wasted a lot of money and time trying to find what works. I have found my mentor

“The first 30 minutes i put someone in trance”

From start to finish. I have never studied before. But in the first 30 minutes of the course i put someone into a trance that they struggled to come out of . Brilliant !

“Just made sense”

I can not believe how easy this is. I have been to over a dozen trainer and was told exactly what to say as a hypnotist, then when i applied it to a client it didnt work. This just makes sense. Why didnt i find this course sooner

“What I Was Seeking”

I hated Scott Jansen after day one, mainly because all his teachings flew in the face of classic hypnotherapy training and stupidly I fought it. Scott’s training is what I was really seeking and hadn’t achieved to date and resisted because of the time and money I had already invested in other programs. Save yourself a lot of time and money and hassle and start here with Scott, did I mention how generous with information he is? and with giving that little extra? Come with an open mind and without those usual limitations and surprise yourself with the infinite possibilities that are presented.

“Absolute Magic”

The last 3 days were absolute magic I have stepped into a much more powerful person another part of who I’am and I’am close to my biggest dreams I see them much clearer; as I stepped on fear and allowed myself to work through things as they came up flowing, energys allow release spells fear (my take on it) It can be confronting when your body does things due to fears as the mind takes on it’s own movie of outcome, I could’ve gone home after the first half day due to fears. Someone said a good word to me and I felt the energy of that word affect my entire body like a bomb had gone off in front of me the impact took a turn of events that could be viewed as my physical crumbled. I now have a much deeper understanding of the unconscious moment the mind and the power of words. So if a good word can do that due to my life views, beliefs, unconscious programming, experiences, and other people etc what is the effect of a bad word? Gets you thinking as I’m so sensitive to energy. So the timing of letting certain things surface and magically move through while in a different type of trance is beautiful timing. Thank you to Scott Jansen for posting your mind bending content an befriending me as it opened the door to new changes in my life. I now have so much more to provide my clients through their transformations. Also thank you to everyone these last 3 days so much happened I could write a book, I even had two ladies walk over to me tears in their eyes as they could see and feel the power of my gifts very touching

“Taught me so much” !

I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars in the passed on classes, books, cds and dvds not to mention all the time put into studying. It explained things better and if i had done this class first i could of saved a lot of time and money. Scott Jansen is a wonderful teacher and made learning enjoyable and fun i really felt comfortable amongst the wonderful bunch of students i got to work with over the 3 days.