A Guide To Your Hypnotherapy Courses

Understanding your Hypnotherapy courses :

Just like any form of therapy, self-help or active evolution, courses range from content and duration. The Conversational Hypnosis Academy is no different and has created a platform to suit the novice to the advanced practitioner of Hypnotherapy to find and excel through their various Hypnotherapy courses.

The Academy Difference :

When it comes to training and experience this mix creates the perfect and unique version of hypnosis that is quickly setting the standard in the industry. This is done through a careful mix of practical and content. The Conversational Hypnosis Academy have been the leading providers in Conversational Hypnosis, teaching over 1500 students from the various degree of knowledge. Including in this, psychologist, Psychiatrists, Doctors and even Dentists. This hasn’t come from just a lucky pick of the draw. This comes from over 17 years experience of your trainer and owner Scott Jansen. Having seen over 6000+ clients, his reputation and high knowledge and skill, has provided the exact ingredients for our exclusive Hypnotherapy courses.

What to expect :

The Academy training courses are based on 3 criteria. Real world knowledge ( what works ) Support ( training atmosphere and dedication to success ) practical ( a no script approach to suit the 21st century. Our no script approach to all of our training courses, allows our students to use the very skill set in a world where having to buy, write and obtain Hypnotic scripts, have past their usage in modern society. Conversational Hypnosis allows the practitioner to utilise the very conversations they have, either therapeutic or casual to uplift, motivate and create change in any context.

What you get :

The Hypnotherapy courses provided by Scott Jansen and the Academy give you a base and format to learn from to evolve into not just a good Hypnotist but a truly great one. And this is done from the Hypnotherapy courses themselves. By being trained without the use of Hypnotic scripts, long lectures and a platform based on 75-85 % practical you get real practice in real time. Your Hypnotherapy courses are taught to provide the real inner workings of Hypnotherapy, and the true essence of the major movement in therapies, from NLP, Life coaching and even motivational speaking.

Hypnotherapy Courses – duration & type :

The Conversational Hypnosis Academy offer over 150+ hours of face to face Hypnotherapy training ( not a mixture of NLP and script hypnosis ). Our Hypnotherapy programs are 100% based on hypnosis. The mix of training courses includes Hypnosis basics, Classical Hypnotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Conversational Hypnosis and Covert Hypnosis.

Recognition :

All hours and courses are recognised 100% by the I.I.C.T and come with insurance ready certifications ( click here for more details )